Left to right: Erika Miller, physical therapist assistant student; Maudine Smith; Aimee Felix, occupational therapist assistant; and Narendra Saraf, director of rehab

With a diagnosis of cellulitis, a skin infection, on her left leg and a history of falls, Kansas City resident Maudine Smith began rehabilitation at Life Care Center of Kansas City, Kansas, on May 4, 2018.


When Smith arrived, she was unable to take care of herself. She needed moderate assistance with bathing, dressing and bed mobility, and some assistance with walking, getting in and out of bed, standing and routine grooming tasks.


Physical and occupational therapists worked with Smith to help her reach her goals and return home. In physical therapy, she worked on leg-strengthening exercises, balance activities and gait. In occupational therapy, she relearned self-care tasks and worked on fine motor skills.


“I am very happy to be able to go home,” said Smith.


Smith returned home to her family on July 9. She is now independent in her bed mobility, sitting balance, self-feeding and medication management, and she can walk up to 400 feet at a time with supervision. She can also do most of her self-care with simple supervision.