Left to right: Narendra Saraf, director of rehab; Chase Moder, occupational therapist; Richard Callahan; Stephanie Eaton, speech therapist; and Alec Cangelosi, physical therapy student

In August 2017, Richard Callahan had a coronary artery bypass graft.


Unfortunately, he also had the complication of an infection, which led to a severe decrease in his physical and physiological well-being.


On Sept. 25, Callahan arrived at Life Care Center of Kansas City, Kansas, to begin his rehabilitation journey. He was very weak and needed moderate assistance for much of his mobility, including getting in and out of bed, sitting up, bathing and balancing while standing. He also needed some assistance with getting dressed, grooming and managing his medication.


“I was not able to walk when I came here, but now I am walking,” said Callahan. “I feel like I have gone from zero to 80.”


Callahan participated in physical and occupational therapies with an exercise program developed specifically for his needs and goals. Therapists constantly monitored his vital signs to make sure he was able to exercise safely, and they worked to help him be as independent in his activities of daily living as possible


“At the time of his admission, Richard was unable to complete standardized baseline testing due to fatigue and weakness,” said Narendra Saraf, director of rehab. “However, at the time of discharge, he demonstrated excellent progress and was able to complete standardized testing within the expected norm.”


Callahan regained his independence with some modifications and decided to move in to an assisted living facility. He successfully transitioned to his apartment on Jan. 20, 2018.