Left to right: Zach Hershberger, doctor of physical therapy student; David Gelushia; Dennis Riley, social services director; Phillips Palatas, physical therapist assistant student; and Narendra Saraf, director of Rehab

In August 2018, David Gelushia underwent hip replacement surgery after he fractured his left hip.


Following his surgery, Gelushia could not walk, balance or even get out of bed without complete assistance. He also could not perform daily self-care tasks like dressing and bathing without extensive assistance.


Life Care Center of Kansas City, Kansas, provided physical and occupational therapies to improve Gelushia’s mobility and self-care abilities.


Physical therapy utilized strengthening exercises and equipment, and occupational therapy worked to help Gelushia increase his performance of everyday tasks and teach him the safest ways to approach difficult tasks.


Gelushia and his team of therapists worked diligently toward rehabilitation, even when it was difficult.


“It was often challenging for Mr. Gelushia to progress due to his history of heart surgery and other conditions that caused him chest pains,” said Narendra Saraf, physical therapist. “A continuous monitoring of vitals was implemented during therapy sessions and precise exercise intensity was delivered.”


Gelushia was able to overcome the difficulties presented to him. By the end of his therapy, he had completely regained his balance, he could independently walk for 150 feet and he could perform all the necessary self-care and hygiene tasks without assistance.


Gelushia completed therapy on Nov. 21, 2018 and returned home.


“I am very excited to return home,” said Gelushia.