Narendra Saraf, director of rehab services

On April 3, 2018, Narendra Saraf, director of rehab services at Life Care Center of Kansas City, Kansas, received the Best in Patient Care Award from the American Health Council.


The AHC is a national non-profit organization comprising all different types of health care workers, from physicians to pharmacists, nurses to therapists.


Saraf was nominated for the award and then participated in a 45-minute phone interview with members of the AHC to confirm the award and learn more about what Saraf does and about his background and experience. He has been a physical therapist for the past six years in the United States and has been a director of rehab for four years. He earned his doctor of physical therapy degree from Regis University in Denver in 2012 and is a fitness therapist and certified fitness trainer.


“It sure feels good to be recognized for your sincere hard work!” said Saraf. “I enjoy my work every day by helping people achieve their independence and self-respect, so I never feel that I am working. I would like to thank Life Care for giving me the opportunity to work here and grow personally as well as professionally. Also, special thanks to my boss, Paul Motyka, for being a fantastic teacher and mentor.”