Paul Fujisaki

Paul Fujisaki has come a long way – from death’s door to almost being able to take care of himself.


On Feb. 19, 2016, Fujisaki arrived at Life Care Center of Kansas City, Kansas, with a prognosis of only two weeks to live. Needing complete assistance, there were more things that Fujisaki couldn’t do than that he could: walking, standing, getting out of bed, grooming, swallowing, getting dressed or even sitting.


“Everyone told me that there was nothing more that could be done for my dad,” said Mark Fujisaki, Paul’s son.


Yet the rehab team saw potential and started trying Fujisaki out with some exercises. Five times a week, physical, occupational and speech therapists met with him and worked with him to improve his independence. Therapeutic exercises on gentle machines like the NuStep® bicycle and the Omnicycle seated arm cycler helped him increase his strength and stamina.


Over time, Fujisaki progressed to where he was able to think more clearly, swallow safely on his own, take care of most of his self-care tasks and get around with minimal assistance. He graduated from palliative care to skilled nursing care in spring 2016, and he remains a much-loved resident at the facility.


Life Care was able to provide amazing care for [my dad], and now he is well again,” said Mark Fujisaki.