Eloise Moore

Few skilled nursing and rehabilitation patients have as complete a turnaround as Eloise Moore experienced at Life Care Center of Kansas City, Kansas.


Moore had suffered a brain aneurysm and was 100 percent dependent when she arrived at the facility for therapy on June 13, 2016. She couldn’t walk, stand, sit, bathe, get dressed or manage her medication on her own. She was on a feeding tube and couldn’t swallow or speak.


The team of physical, occupational and speech therapists began working with Moore five days a week to help her get her old self back.


PTs trained Moore in exercises to rebuild her strength, endurance, balance and range of motion, using the NuStep® recumbent cross-trainer as an efficient tool for exercising her arms, legs and core while seated. As she progressed in her abilities, they coached her in walking.


The OTs, meanwhile, worked alongside Moore to help her relearn her activities of daily living, from brushing her teeth to getting dressed to bathing, preparing meals and cleaning.


STs used VitalStim® therapy to stimulate Moore’s facial and throat muscles. Along with other oral motor exercises, they were able to help her swallow again, and as she mastered these skills, she was able to eat more textures.


“Eloise amazed us all with her progress,” said Chelsey Nassen, director of rehab services. “As a therapy team, we were unsure how independent she would become based on the amount of assistance she required when she arrived. However, we did not give up on her, and she worked as hard as possible to achieve amazing results!”


Moore returned home with family assistance on Aug. 1. She was back on a regular diet, independent in all her mobility and self-care skills, and speaking in full sentences again.


“The therapy department and staff brought me back to life, and I really appreciate that!” said Moore. “I truly thank everyone at Life Care Center of Kansas City for everything!”