Cynthia Reeves with Lori Hardern, physical therapist assistant, left, and Stacey Czirr, occupational therapist assistant

When Cynthia Reeves arrived at Life Care Center of Kansas City, Kansas, on March 10, 2016, she required total assistance for all her mobility and daily tasks except for sitting.


An electrolyte imbalance had led to several complications for Reeves, including acute kidney failure. As a result, she had a prolonged hospital stay. She needed help regaining her independence before she could return home.


At Life Care Center of Kansas City, Reeves began working with physical and occupational therapists five days a week. The therapy team focused on functional skills, from building up her tolerance for sitting and standing to improving her ability to get in and out of bed and in and out of a wheelchair.


The NuStep® recumbent cross-trainer was especially helpful for Reeves. It allowed her to exercise while seated, rebuilding endurance and strength in her upper and lower body at the same time. This helped prepare her for standing and walking, skills she would need in doing other daily tasks like cooking and cleaning, which therapists retrained her to do as well.


Reeves returned home to her family on July 28, able to take care of herself and get around the house.


“The Life Care Center of Kansas City staff has made my rehabilitation journey an amazing one,” said Reeves. “They’ve been respectful, supportive and so encouraging. I have the utmost gratitude for the entire therapy department. They have basically been like family. I have reached so many goals that I didn’t think I could accomplish.”